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About this story 15/11/2009

Posted by Sir Ralph in Introduction.
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This is a story about the fate some people have to cope with from their early days of childhood on and how they adjust to it. It is a story about how the case of those who have afflicted unmeasurable suffering to them is considered justified and right and those who try to stand for their rights have to fight and finally might fail. It is an example for red tape in Germany. The actors are biological parents who have failed in the education of their children, foster children who have been deeply traumatised by their biological parents, their foster parents who are responsible for accompanying these traumatised children at least until their coming of age, and the youth welfare office staff whose decisions influence the well-being of the foster children in a significant way.

The characters in this story are purely fictional. Resemblances to existing persons are purely incidental, but show at the same time that the situations described in this story are anything but far from reality, no matter how unbelievable and partly curious the might sound.

The German version contains a number of letters to authorities and other institutions as well as analyses which are also purely fictional. In the English version, their contents will be summarised. They serve as explanations of the problem, but do not relate to existing persons. Still, they describe prominently the problems which have to be dealt with.

This story has a focus: The Turning Point. From there on, the story develops onwards and backwards respectively.


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