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About the author

This story is created by a German teacher of English who is fostering or has fostered three children. Feeling that the fate of foster children deserves more publicity than it has, he has decided to create a story to meet this objective. Comments are very welcome. As English is not his mother tounge, there might be mistakes or incorrectness in word or language usage. Please use the “comment” function to help correcting the language. Those comments will not be published, but mistakes corrected.

Thank you for your appreciation and interest in the story.


1. Beth Holmes - 26/11/2009

Hi, Ralph,

I so enjoyed learning more about the work you do on behalf of foster children. What a special calling.

I’m glad I took the time to visit your blog tonight – Thanksgiving Eve. It reminded me that special people – like you – give needy children a reason to be grateful. Bless you for your good and selfless work.


2. lehrergehrke - 27/11/2009

Hi, Beth,
thank you for your appreciation. When reading my story you will get an idea of how those children who have been hurt and humiliated so much during their childhood could be helped in a better way. I am quite frank, as you will have noticed. and I am glad that we could have helped our older foster daughter on the way, and that one of the two sisters is still very hapy with us.

If you like, please feel free to recomend the “traumakids” to more people who might take interest in the story.

All the best, Ralph

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